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The Karen Village Cultural Centre offers an array of activities for people of all ages. From art classes and workshops, to live performances, to family-friendly events, there is something for everyone. With a vibrant atmosphere and a wide selection of activities, KV is the perfect place to explore and learn something new.

We have many established artists and lecturers at KV who can offer lessons in the median of your choice. We have also extended this to DJ-ing, landscape gardening and music production.

Image by Kelsey Curtis

Unsual and interactive spaces for all your occasions are an essential part KV can play in your everyday life. We have gardens, artistic rooms, open air and closed room facilities. Why not enjoy your plans at KV.


We look at the whole of KV as ripe for exhibitions but we have special areas that align themselves to all types of artistic works.


Our field is perfect for training for most sports and circuit training. We have local teams joining us to train on a weekly basis as well as friendly KV/ocean sole football kick around.


We understand the requirement and need for meetings to enhance the corporation or group to move on. We have created several spaces boardroom ready to remove the stress from you.


KV has a diverse creative pool and we offer teams and schools a chance of learning and experiencing the creative minds.


Having both great indoor and outdoor spaces KV is a wonderful choice for outdoor team building activities coupled with classroom activities.


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Ever been fascinated how a creative starts and finishes a piece. At Kv we have interactive discussions and workshops where you can participate in the workshop and learn more

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Kv has created a space with a unique surrounding which makes it ripe for video and location shoots. 

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