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We have a variety of spaces for rental to fit in with your requirements 


KV 1 :54 Innovation Center

Named to honour  54 countries on the African continent, building 1:54 is a mixed use commercial space developed to house individual units for small business on the top floor and workshop studios and storage on the ground floor. It is the first building all visitors pass as they meander through KV.

Creative Center two elephants.jpeg

African Creative Center

The carefully designed ACC is to allow office spaces on the edges of the building and to have exhibitons in the center  It currently has 35 rooms ranging from 25sqm to 45 sqm includings a designated boardroom, business center and cafeteria space.


Art Studio 

This double storey building houses artists, media and designers within it. Our main KV reception is also based here. The rooms are 20sqm. 


Conference Exhibition center coming soon

Get ready 2023

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